About Us

King of Prussia Mall

We are a family managed mechanical contracting company, and we take great pride in our heritage and reputation. We stress safety, quality, performance, and cooperation on all of our projects.  

Our methods of contracting include; public bids, bids as a sub to a general contractor, negotiated plan and spec jobs, negotiated design build jobs, and GMP projects.

We have worked successfully with the Federal government, the US Military, the State of Pennsylvania, the State of New Jersey, as well as many counties and municipalities throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While we mainly serve the tristate area, we have completed work as far away as Maine. In addition to our work as a subcontractor for general contractors, we have also worked directly for many industrial owners and real estate developers.

Our expertise extends to hospitals, retirement homes, retail, office buildings, schools, commercial kitchens, prisons, manufacturing plants, and food processing plants. We have also worked on unique jobs such as jet de-icing equipment, at Philadelphia International Airport.

We are detail oriented and complete each job with precision and expedience. John C. Kohler Co. is a well established, financially stable firm that is proud to have one of the best pay records in the industry, by making it standard practice to pay our subcontractors and suppliers promptly.

Core Disciplines


Equipment Rigging

Mechanical and process equipment represent a significant, long-term investment and are critical components to a facility's daily operations. Proper rigging of the equipment is not just critical to job site safety, but is key to ensuring its proper operation and longevity. This step is too often overlooked by our competitors and by doing so, they often void the manufacturer’s warranty. 

John C. Kohler Co. understands the critical nature of equipment rigging and has the experience and equipment to do it right. Critical lifts are planned, drawn out, reviewed, and safely executed. We have more rigging equipment in house than most other area mechanical contractors. This allows us the flexibility to select the right equipment. Whether it involves rigging centrifugal chillers, air handling units, process equipment, or even 5,000 gallon chocolate tanks, we have the experience and equipment to get it done safely and properly.



 Safety is paramount to our company. While our team is driven for performance on-site, it is never at the cost of safety. Maintaining the highest level of safety becomes a catalyst that results in safely delivering a first class performance and quality install.

Our Labor Partners